Angela Backlinks Building Service

What are Angela backlinks and Paul backlinks?

Angela backlinks come from high PR and low Alexa websites. You can create an account in some websites, online communities and forums. Then you can edit your profile and add your website link there. Angela backlinks usually exist in signatures and bio. Angela backlinks and Paul backlinks – as well as profile links in general – are a popular and useful link building method and technique which assists you in ranking high in search engines with your chosen keywords.

Angela and Paul style backlinks’ characteristics?

  • public to visitors and search engines
  • do-follow profile links and backlinks that can be easily crawled by search engines
  • permanent one way profile links and backlinks to your website
  • you can create 2-3 anchor links in a page

Angela backlinks and Paul style backlinks services:

You may order only the list of the high PR websites and enter the profile links yourself (cheap option) or have Angela’s or Paul’s service adding your profile links manually.

Benefits of Angela and Paul Style backlinks?

There are a few other choices, such as backlink and SEO services, but they will charge you upwards of $300 dollars per month to use their links. There are also link exchange companies that will add your link to a bunch of websites, however, their links are limited to only two types of links and Google will penalize both the buyer and the seller if they catch you using paid links.

Angela and Paul backlinks is completely different, they provide you with 50 High Page Rank backlinks from free authority sites every month (These are not paid links). All authority sites will have a high Page Rank in Google, and all links will be do-follow one-way links, which gives you maximum results in Google.

This service is only $8 per month. You can get more information here:

Here are some more reasons why you can trust Angela and Paul backlinks:

  • They are relied upon and subscribed to by virtually every successful SEO company on the Internet.
  • They are subscribed to by authorities in the SEO industry, including best-selling SEO authors Sean Odom, Mike Monahan, and Jason McCormick.
  • Have helped virtually every major SEO company and every major company found on today’s highly competative keywords.
  • Will show you Angela and Paul’s simple method to find high PRwebsites that can place link to your website.
  • Is still an effective method to build backlinks to your websites at a cheap rate.

If you need profile links created automatically and at a very cheap rate:

Just write me an email and I will offer you automatic profile link building at very cheap prizes.

You will get a full details report asap (usually in 5-9 days).

I accept Paypal and AlertPay payment.

You are very welcome to post your comments and feedback here.

  1. SubliminalSubliminal05-13-2010

    I’ve been using Angela’s backlinks for a few months now and I can’t believe the results. I’ve been adding the links manually and it takes quite some time. Your service seems great for me.

    I’ll send you an email with my details after I pay via PayPal.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Best HD TVBest HD TV07-03-2010

    I have heard about them before from friends and they have told me nothng but the best from them. They told me there ranks in the search engine went from nothing to top 10 in a week. Totaly suggest this service to anybody.

  3. Bobby BashBobby Bash07-29-2010

    Hi, there your information in this site great example of learining the instant link building and you have made some valid points, and i followed your information and i got the page rank to my site within a week and, any more ideas like this please let me know, thanks for your valuable information..

  4. I heard about Angela and Paul link building packets. Google and came here.

    Can u guarantee the life of backlinks, that you build

  5. accutane lawyeraccutane lawyer08-16-2010

    Will u pls say can u do it for 1000 backlinks?

    Let me know

  6. naninani11-05-2010

    r u providing the service now?

  7. Seo bloggerSeo blogger01-05-2011

    I really like your packages.

  8. adminadmin09-24-2011

    yes. The service is still maintained. You may go ahead and get in touch with me to order valid and permanent forum profile links.

  9. adminadmin09-24-2011

    Hi there,

    thank you for your comment. Of course, you may get the 1000 backlinks. Just send me your details (target URL, anchor text, your email address) to info[at] and pay $14 to my paypal or AlertPay account. You will get a full report within 7 days.

    All the best!

  10. adminadmin09-24-2011

    All backlinks built with either Angela’s Backlinks Services or my services will be permanent in nature and guaranteed.

  11. adminadmin09-25-2011

    Thank you!

  12. Tony AponteTony Aponte12-28-2011

    I am curious if this service is still available?

  13. adminadmin01-18-2012

    yes! It is still available and we have drastically reduced our prices…:-)

  14. adminadmin01-25-2012

    Hi Sahil,

    thank you for your interest in our services. Here is the price list for forum profile links:

    6,000 profile links = $ 12.00

    12,000 valid forum profile links = $ 20.00

    18,000 valid forum profile links = $ 28.00

    24,000 valid forum profile links = $ 35.00

    48,000 valid forum profile links = $ 65.00

    Please write an email to me to ask for discounts.

    Best regards,


  15. BenBen01-31-2012

    Just did 300 Angela’s links with Joachim and already have gotten from unranked to page 3 and 4 of Google on two high competition keywords. Look forwards to more work with him – very easy to deal with and good communication.

  16. wario92wario9202-27-2012

    How can I learn about building Angela & Paul Style Profile LInks?

  17. Removal of MoleRemoval of Mole03-10-2012


    I would like to add my link in your package. I think your rate sounds reasonable… Do you accept paypal ? or which is your payment method ? How much time it would take to add 6000 or 12000 backlinks ?

  18. Ufone PackagesUfone Packages03-27-2012

    Hi, will you provide the proof? (report) of the backlinks you submitted in the profiles? I mean how can i know that my backlinks are active there what u r offering..?

  19. RamabhadranRamabhadran03-31-2012

    I am Interested Very Much in Your Service and Contact
    You without Delay. Thanks for Sharing the Info.

  20. I’m confused. I just read some articles about Angela and Paul backlink that it’s not quite effective maybe because of the strategy used which is hassle? But this article made me think that maybe I should give it a try too.

  21. adminadmin04-22-2012

    Hi there,

    it is true. You can read a lot af articles and blog posts on this topic. Some people claim that Angela Backlinks are still a good way to build links. A lot of people argue that Google Panda Updates render them nearly useless.

    I do them still myself and I can claim that they still have an effect on link building. I have just recently tested them on some websites of me.

    However, as Google Panda demands link diversity, they should not be your only backlinks.

    To sum up, as a part of an overall link building strategy, Angela backlinks are still of value.

    Best, Joachim

  22. adminadmin04-25-2012


    of course you will get a full report on the backlinks built. It will be provided after completion of the work.

  23. adminadmin04-25-2012

    You will find everything you need here: Angela Quality Backlinks.
    There you will receive a simple PDF packet showing you easy step-by-step screenshot instructions on how to add your website link on each of the High Page Rank Authority sites.

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