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Free Internet Marketing eCourse Click on the button below to get directly to the free eCourse, packed with more than 30 lessons on Internet Marketing. This is the perfect start for anyone serious about building a virtual real estate. Earn a special gift with course completion.
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Get directly to the Free eCourse, packed with more than 30 lessons on Internet Marketing!

Four Reasons to Get the Free Course Now!

More than 30 lessons, Up to Date

1You will get access to more than 30 lessons packed with the knowledge gathered over years of experience in the internet marketing world. You will be sent one lesson per day in a logical sequence. The content of the lessons is the very essence of many ebooks, videos, product testings and coachings out there. It is kept up to date on a regular basis.

Perfect for Beginners, Easy to Follow

2The course is perfect for beginners and starters in the internet marketing arena. The lessons are logical and easy to follow. They are well structured with many step-by-step instructions. In case of questions, there is the possibility to contact the coach Joachim Rodriguez at anytime.

Many Tips, Tricks and Recommendations

3The coaching program is filled with loads of tips, tricks and recommendations of websites and products which help the trainee to gain even more knowledge and tools to succeed online.

100% Free of Charge

4You can’t lose anything by signing up with this course. It is 100% free. There are no hidden costs like with many other courses and coachings.

Internet Marketing Facts

Learn SEO online! Learn affiliate marketing! There are numerous reasons why you should get into internet marketing now.

The area is constantly growing with each passing day as there are ever new ways of promoting a website or a product. Worldwide, we conduct 88,000,000,000 searches per month on Google. 57% of the internet users search the web everyday. That is really a lot of web traffic.

2012 is expected to be the year that marketers spend more on online advertising than print. According to a recent study from eMarketer, online advertising in the US is expected to generate $39.5 billion in sales this year. Research projects online ad revenues to continue growing and is expected to reach $62 billion by 2016. This is for the USA alone.

Imagine that you can tap into this area and get your share of the online promotion spend. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

You can achieve it by learning SEO online and by learning affiliate marketing.

Your first step should be to sign up for the free internet marketing ecourse now.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

Due to increasing competition for these top rankings, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve high SE rankings. Doing SEO work for your website and using SEO tricks becomes more and more important. Sound and ethical SEO techniques assist you in improving your SERPs on the result pages of Google.

Now, you are only a SEO beginner. How should you learn it, especially ethical SEO and where should you learn the tricks and how does search engine optimization work for your website?

In my opinion, you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on any SEO company out there. Learning SEO online is quite economical and can be as effective as outsourcing it. You get the basics in my free course.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

There is an overload of information available on this subject. There are tons of methods and techniques on IM available and advertised in the internet. Some of them work, some of them dont work. But worse, there are plenty of scams around that only want to take your money for affiliate training, software and tricks that dont work at all.

So you need orientation. I can provide this orientation in my free ecourse.


The blog will offer additional information, tricks, tips and recommendations concerning internet marketing. In particular, following areas will be covered:

  • Product Reviews
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Link Building
  • On-Page Optimization
  • List Building
  • Making Money Online
  • Training
  • Traffic Generation

"It is APPLIED knowledge that makes the difference. Knowing is not enough anymore, you must DO!"